Deep skin cleansing: how to properly cleanse your face?

Deep skin cleansing: how to properly cleanse your face?

Far from being the preserve of teenagers, imperfections remain a beauty concern for 1/4 of women aged 25 to 40. Pimples, blackheads, micro-cysts and nodules all affect the quality of their skin.

How can you prevent the appearance of imperfections and maintain pure skin? We tell you all you need to know about skin cleansing: the essential step in preventing the appearance of imperfections.

The importance of makeup removal

Makeup contains undesirable molecules and impurities that can cause irritations. Preventing them requires thorough makeup removal – an essential daily routine for a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. Moreover, a well-cleansed skin optimizes the effectiveness of care products: with clean pores, active products can better penetrate the skin.

To remove light makeup, micellar water can suffice.

For more complex and heavy makeup, one should favor cleansing milk, which can also be combined with foam to facilitate the process if necessary.

A cleansing cream and a scrub to deeply clean the skin

gamme osmoclean gamme osmoclean

In 1985, to meet the demands of expert beauticians, Institut Esthederm created ‘’OSMOCLEAN gentle deep pore cleanser’’, a revolutionary cleansing cream with “perfect skin” results from day one! 

Concerned with respecting the skin’s ecosystem, Institut Esthederm created a unique scrub in the form of a grain-free mask – a universal treatment for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

More than 30 years later, these two iconic products have gained international recognition and become a favorite among beauty specialists (estheticians, makeup artists, etc.) as well as models. And the formula has remained unchanged since its creation. 

A cream that absorbs impurities after makeup removal

After removing all makeup, apply the Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser in small dabs on dry skin, over the entire face and neck. This supple cream thickens under the effect of massage and lifts impurities from deep within the pores. It acts in perfect osmosis with the skin, respecting the fragile hydrolipidic film and the balance of the skin flora thanks to its patented Skin Balance System.

It can then be rinsed off with water.

mousse nettoyantmousse nettoyant

An effective yet gentle scrub

L’autre étape indispensable de votre routine beauté
anti-imperfections ? L’exfoliation une à deux fois par semaine ! 

Les gommages à l’action exfoliante permettent de débarrasser la peau des peaux mortes qui s’accumulent à la surface de la peau tout en nettoyant les pores, évitant ainsi aux pores de se boucher et donc l’apparition d’imperfections.

Pour les imperfections microkystiques (obstruction des glandes sébacées qui génère l’apparition de microkystes sous la peau) notre iconique duo Crème Douce Désincrustante & Masque Gomme clarifiant sera l’allié parfait grâce à son action désincrustante et donc préventive de l’apparition d’imperfections. 

Duo osmocleanDuo osmoclean

Si les gommages sont indispensables dans la prévention des imperfections, attention toutefois à ne pas en abuser surtout si les imperfections sont déjà présentes. En effet cela irriterait la peau et favoriserait l'aggravation des lésions déjà présentes. N’oubliez pas, une peau agressée par le nettoyage va réagir en produisant encore plus de sébum à l’origine d’imperfections.

Cleansing milk, fresh hydra-restoring lotion, purity cleansing foam, cleansing gel, micellar water... Discover the complete line of Osmoclean cleansers, for clean, pure skin. All Osmoclean products rebalance the skin's flora and gently cleanse deep down to the most sensitive skin.

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