How do you take care of your skin in winter?

How do you take care of your skin in winter?

The cold, drier air, temperature changes, lack of sunlight, physical fatigue... In winter, many factors influence not only our mood, but also the condition and appearance of our skin. Dehydrated, dry and sometimes even irritated, our skin is put to the test.

So how can we look after our skin in winter?  Here are our top tips for a beautiful winter!

The effects of winter on the skin

Lack of sun and its consequences

Le soleil est un élément vital à notre existence, tant sur le plan physique que psychologique. Et pourtant en hiver, celui-ci se fait plus rare. Non seulement, ce manque de soleil en hiver ne nous permet plus de faire le plein nécessaire de vitamine D, mais il favorise aussi un teint plus terne.

A dull, tired face in winter

When it's cold, our bodies conserve heat by supplying more blood to the vital organs (heart, brain) than to the body's surface. This leads to radical changes such as reduced sebum production, thinner hydrolipidic film (the skin's protective shield), less oxygenation and a duller complexion. 

All these changes lead to increased skin ageing.

Dry skin in winter

Temperature differences between the cold outside and the heat inside, overheated showers, wind and dry air all contribute to the drying out and sensitization of the epidermis. Damaged, the cutaneous barrier is no longer able to retain water. 

As a result of dehydration, the skin becomes dry, flaky, loses its radiance and is prone to irritation (redness, tightness, discomfort).

Our winter tips for everyday life

Tip 1: Adapt the temperature of your home

In your home, limit the temperature to 19°C to avoid big differences between indoors and outdoors, and give your skin a real electric shock as soon as you step outside!

Tip 2: Drink 1.5L or 2L of water a day

In winter, we tend to curb our water intake because it's not so hot. This is a very bad reflex, as water is the skin's primary source of hydration. If this sounds complicated, opt for teas and herbal teas to boost your water intake and combine the useful with the pleasurable.

conseils eauconseils eau

Tip 3: Fill up on antioxidants

To combat dullness, fill up on antioxidants (vitamins C, D, E, A), found in large quantities in fruit and vegetables, but also in certain fish.

conseils antioxydantconseils antioxydant

Tip 4: Avoid hot showers

Showers that are too hot will dissolve/weaken the skin's hydrolipidic film. So, as delicious as a hot shower may be to make up for the cold outside, we try to take a lukewarm, rapid shower.

conseils doucheconseils douche

The beauty routine for winter skin care

The golden rule is to adapt your beauty routine to the season. In winter, the skin's needs are different from those in summer.

conseils beauté démaquillantconseils beauté démaquillant

Tip 1: Adapt your cleanser / make-up remover

Unsurprisingly, cleansing and make-up removal must remain an essential part of your beauty routine. However, in line with the drier climate, we favor lipid-rich textures (milk, oil) that will preserve the hydrolipidic film.

conseils beauté crème hydratanteconseils beauté crème hydratante

Tip 2: Adapt your moisturizer

A change of season means a change of moisturizer! Depending on the nature and needs of the skin, we vary textures and opt for richer, more moisturizing creams.

The serum + cream combo is also highly effective. In fact, incorporating a moisturizing serum into your morning and evening routine can prove highly effective.

conseils beauté exfolierconseils beauté exfolier

Tip 3: Gently exfoliate

Exfoliation is often associated with summer, but it's just as necessary in winter! However, as the skin is already put to the test, we stick to one or two exfoliations a week. The idea is to rid the skin of dead cells without being too aggressive. To achieve this, use a gentle exfoliating treatment and massage in gently. 

Tip 4: Do more masks

A mask complements and reinforces the action of other cosmetic treatments, making the skin more receptive to them and contributing to its hydration, radiance and tone. So remember to apply a mask after each exfoliation.

conseils beauté mainconseils beauté main

Tip 5: Take care of your hands and lips

Often forgotten, hands and lips are particularly exposed areas, so don't hesitate to pamper them with exfoliation and moisturizing!

Tip 6: Adopt our Intensive Reboost Winter cures!

Our Intensive Reboost Winter cures to end the year on a high note

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