Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum : a revolutionary ritual for healthy, youthful skin

Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum : a revolutionary ritual for healthy, youthful skin

"Beauty is health that you can see. Wellness is health you can feel."

How Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum transforms your beauty routine into a Healthy Aging program?

Collagen and elastin production begin to decline naturally around the age of 30. So it's vital to take action at the very first signs of aging to combat visible changes in the skin. Our face reflects our inner world - our habits, lifestyles, products and practices all have an impact on the way our skin looks, feels and feels.

As well as targeting the visible signs of aging - wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone, lack of radiance and skin density, Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum also supports the skin's ability to repair itself and protect against future damage.

A revolutionary serum focused on cellular health and longevity.

How does Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum work on my skin?

With both restorative and protective action, Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum marks a revolutionary advance in the science of skin aging and cell longevity. Extracted from a near-immortal "extremophilic" bacterium, capable of resisting enormous oxidative stress, in addition to repairing their own damage, patented Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum strengthens and protects your skin's proteome - guaranteeing its resistance to aging.

Its antioxidant power is superior to non-protein-specific antioxidants, such as co-enzymeQ10, or vitamin C, studies have proven. Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum offers unrivalled protection against damage to skin proteins, and fights all signs of aging, with remarkable performance: after just 28 days' use, skin ages half as fast *.

When should you start using it?

Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum can be used at any time, at any age, in any season of the year, by any skin type, - even the most sensitive skin. It can be combined with any existing routine, with no risk of contraindication.


How do I incorporate Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum into my routine?

As with any serum, it's best to apply Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum to clean, prepared skin, before using richer creams or moisturizers.

STEP 1: Apply five drops to the palms of your hands.

STEP 2: OPEN THE EYE: Using the domed part of your palms on the wrist side, gently press the base of your eyebrows and slide your palms over the orbital bone towards the hairline, opening the eye area towards the forehead.

STEP 3: MODEL AND REHABILITATE CONTOURS: Starting at the top of the face, glide the serum with the index and middle fingers of each hand, from the middle of the forehead towards the hairline. Repeat the same gesture, starting on either side of the nose, sliding the serum towards the cheeks, then along the jawline.

STEP 4: LIFT AND STRENGTHEN THE NECK: Place your palms on either side of the neck, press gently and massage from front to back.

Suitable for all skin types and ages, Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum represents the "longevity" stage of the Institut Esthederm "Healthy Aging" program.


Programme Healthy Aging d'Institut Esthederm

With a holistic approach to health and cosmetic care, a routine based on the dermatological expertise of top beauty professionals, perfectly adapted to the health and youthfulness of your skin.

Programme Healthy AgingProgramme Healthy Aging

Facialiste de renommée mondiale et créatrice du premier "lifting manuel", Chantal Lehmann est une praticienne de référence en technique de lifting manuel de la peau. Son expertise l'a menée aux quatre coins du monde, pour diffuser son approche holistique et sophistiquée du self-care, du bien-être et de l’art de vieillir en beauté. Elle a pris soin des visages les plus célèbres, de Paris à New York en passant par Hong Kong.

En collaboration avec NAOS et Institut Esthederm, Chantal Lehman a créé la Technique Protéodermique, une méthode de massage facial respectueux de toutes les sensibilités cutanées, qui mobilise l'ensemble des structures du visage grâce à une stimulation musculaire et cellulaire profonde. 

Cette gestuelle innovante est optimisée par l’incroyable capacité de régénération mais aussi antioxydante d'Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum, pour restaurer la luminosité du teint et retrouver une belle qualité de peau. 

Adaptée à tous les types de peau, y compris les plus sensibles, la Technique Protéodermique est intégrée dans chaque protocole de soin Institut Esthederm. Elle associe cette gestuelle de pointe à la puissance d’Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum pour une mise en beauté remarquable. 

A retrouver partout dans le monde chez les partenaires Institut Esthederm*, pour retrouver une peau radieuse, plus forte, tonique et en pleine santé.

*Selon conditions locales

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